КЛБІ 2015

At the end of the 9th International Assumption Readings (Uspenskie Chteniya) in 2009 in Kyiv we asked our participants three questions about the Conference. Now we publish those interviews on our website.The three questions sounded as follows:

1. What are your impressions of the conference? What will you remember most? 
2. What do you think is peculiar about this conference in Kyiv? How is
it different from other Christian conferences you participated in?
3. What is the significance of the themes of this year's conference?
How is the conference important for the future of the Christian

Interviews were conducted by Lidiya Lozova.

Interview with br. RICHARD (the Taizé Community, France)

Interview with br. Adalberto MAINARDI (the Community of Bose)

Interview with fr. Hyacinthe DESTIVELLE o.p. ("Istina" Center, Paris)

Interview with Dr. Antoine ARJAKOVSKY (IES, Lviv)

Interview with fr. Dider BERTHET (Saint Sulpice Seminary, France)

Interview with Dr. Karl Christian FELMY (Germany)

Interview with fr. Antoine LAMBRECHTS (Chevetogne monastery)

Interview with fr. Michel van PARYS (Chevetogne monastery)

Interview with hegumen Filaret (IEGOROV)

"Успенские чтения"