КЛБІ 2015

The 19th international  



KYIV, September 23 – 25, 2019


September 23 (Monday)

National Reserve “St. Sophia of Kyiv”, House of the Metropolitan
(Volodymyrska St., 24)


10:00   Sessions begin

Vitaly Kryvytsky, Bishop of Kyiv and Zhytomyr Diocese
The Return of the Lost Beauty

Anne-Marie Pelletier (Paris)
La «beauté qui sauve». La chair du Crucifié épiphanie de l’agapè

Michel van Parys OSB, abbot (Chevetogne, Belgium)
Le désir inné du Beau en tout homme. L'anthropologie théologique des Pères cappadociens

Nicholas Denysenko, deacon (Valparaiso, USA)
Finding Divine Beauty in an Age of Liturgical Idolatry


Same location

15:00   Sessions continue

Francesco Braschi, priest (Milan, Italy)
The Beauty and the Good in the Works of St. Ambrose of Mediolan

Adalberto Mainardi (Bose, Italy)
The Sense of the Spiritual Beauty in the Contemporary World

Johannes Oeldemann (Paderborn, Germany)
“How good and how beautiful for brothers when they dwell as one" - Psalm 133,1         


Geroge Kovalenko, priest (Kyiv)
Distinguishing Indifference


September 24 (Tuesday)

St. Thomas of Aquinas Institute for Religious Studies
(Derevlianska St., 13)


9:30     Sessions begin

Petro Palog OP, priest, Director of St. Thomas Institute
Greeting Word

José Casanova (Georgetown, Washington DC)
Appreciating the Beauty of Cultural and Religious Pluralism of the Global Human Family     

Kristina Stoeckl (Innsbruck, Austria)
 Postsecular Conflicts and the Global Struggle for Traditional Values

Andriy Dudchenko, priest (Kyiv)
 Difficulties and Hopes of the Church in Ukraine

Oleksandr Pustovit (Kyiv)
Pushkin’s Aesthetics as a Synthesis of Two Concepts of the Beautiful


Same location

15-00   Sessions continue

Georges Nivat (Geneva)
The Beauty and the Ugliness of Fire and War. From Goya to Mušič, from Mušič to Chapski  

Bernard Marchadier (Paris)
Notre-Dame de Paris, ou la Beauté dans la cité

Alla Vaysband (Dortmund-Kyiv)
Max Imdal on the Limits of the Traditional Notion of the Beautiful

Oksana Dovgopolova (Odessa, Ukraine)
Artistic Gesture in the Work of Memory about Tragedies of the Past


September 25 (Wednesday)

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra National Reserve, the Museum of Book Publishing 

9:30     Sessions begin

Mykhailo Dymyd, priest (Lviv, Ukraine)
Beauty in the Reception of the Other           

Bohdan Ohulchanskyi, priest (Kyiv)
Engagement as a Condition for the Harmony of the Soul. Is a Union of the Christian Ethics and Praxis Possible in the 21st Century?

Alexey Kamenskikh (Perm, Russia)
Transcending to the Beautiful as an Act of Liberation. Based on Letters and Memoirs of Soviet Camp Prisoners


Same location

15:00 Sessions continue

Yulia Matvejeva (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Shell and Fabric in the Life of the Church: Decoration, Symbol, Sermon

Oleh Sknar, priest (Kyiv)
Topic to be clarified

Oleksandr Filonenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Don Juan and Dante Facing the Challenge of Boredom: Christian Witness and Anthropology of Literature

Presentation of the book by Deacon Nicholas Denysenko
The Orthodox Church in Ukraine: A Century of Separation


Organizer of the Assumption Readings 2019
St. Clement Centre «Communio and Dialogue of Cultures»


“St Sophia of Kyiv” National Reserve
St Thomas of Aquinas Institute for Religious Studies
Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine
Open Orthodox University
Infopulse Ukraine
“Spirit and Letter” Research and Publishing Association


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