The specifics of the conference in 2014

The specific goal for the 14th Assumption Readings Conference in 2014 was to raise and discuss the topic of COMMUNION-COMMUNIO-KOINONIA: Sources, Ways of Understanding and Embodiment. The conference took place at a time when the world was mostly following war events in the East of Ukraine, and some of the invited participants decided not to come to Kyiv because they were concerned with the instability of the political and social situation. However, the impression that the conference produced on those who participated was so profound that Fr. Antoine Lambrechts summarized it in quite an affirming statement: “I hope that the fall of 2014 in Ukraine will be primarily remembered for the Assumption Readings conference.”

Of course, the current Ukrainian situation influenced the meeting. A guided tour around the Kyivan Maidan (the capital’s central square, which was the epicenter of the revolutionary events in November 2013 – February 2014) preceded its opening. It was conducted by direct participants of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity among the “Dukh i Litera” collaborators and constituted the main part of the cultural program.  During the course of the conference the Maidan events were directly or indirectly discussed, and there were addressed in many of the conference reports. 




È sempre molto difficile presentare un libro in una lingua diversa da quella dell’autore. 

Tanto più un libro complesso come la Divina Commedia e scritto in una lingua che è difficile anche per gli italiani. D’altra parte è una cosa che faccio assolutamente volentieri e sono contentissimo di essere qui perché credo che Dante abbia qualcosa di importante da dire in Italia, qui e in tutto il mondo.

Dear friends,

The XIII Kyiv Summer Theological University (KSTU) will be held from 19 July to 1 August 2015 at the Orthodox spiritual, social and educational center “The Ark” in the village Lishnya near Kyiv. The theme of this year’s University will be “TRUTH. MEMORY. RECONCILIATION.”

About 10 intensive lecture courses, 5 seminars and a round table will function in several directions: Theology, Modern Theology, Exegetics, Patristic, Ethics, Christian Culture. Lectures will tend to alternate between general introductions and highly focused presentations, which demand a suitably trained listener.

Studies will be organized in two blocks, according to the two weeks of the University. During the two summer weeks of the University and the following year vibrant faith, intellectual and holistic adventure of the spirit, characterized by open-endedness, friendship, ecumenical dialogue and, of course, intellectual precision and intensity radiate from KSTU in circles.

Ансамбль древнецерковного пения "Сретение", концерт в Германии. Тропарь Пасхи древними распевами на шести языках: греческий, славянский, латинский, турецкий, арабский, грузинский.

"Достойно есть", распев Иакова Протопсалта, на греческом, в исполнении ливанского певца. Видеоряд - Баламандский монастырь и университет (Митрополия Гор Ливанских).

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