È sempre molto difficile presentare un libro in una lingua diversa da quella dell’autore. 

Tanto più un libro complesso come la Divina Commedia e scritto in una lingua che è difficile anche per gli italiani. D’altra parte è una cosa che faccio assolutamente volentieri e sono contentissimo di essere qui perché credo che Dante abbia qualcosa di importante da dire in Italia, qui e in tutto il mondo.

Internationalen Kongresses Renovabis
vom 3. bis zum 5. September 2009 in Freising
Einheit suchen – Vielfalt wahren.
Ost und West im ökumenischen Gespräch
Your Eminence, Cardinal Kasper, Metropolitans, Archbishops, Bishops, Reverend Fathers, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!
Let me begin by expressing my deepest gratitude to the organizers of the congress in Freising and the colleagues of the Renovabis foundation. Ukraine belongs to the circle of those countries, where your help and your experience in creating a climate of mutual trust is deeply appreciated. The spirit of genuine Christian solidarity and long-term cooperation has created a solid tradition. Renovabis has made possible the fulfilment of a number of large and small-scale ecumenical projects and has brought to life new initiatives. This has helped strengthen our hope and consolidate groups of active and open-minded Christians. You very well know how difficult this is in our extremely atomized society. Later I will mention several concrete examples of successful projects, especially those connected with St. Clement’s Centre. Now I would like to emphasize again how important the spirit of gratitude and trust is for us, with which we associate this name – Freising – and our new meeting here[1].

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