Text by Daria Morozova.
Photos by Katya Klyuzko
The first part of the International Theological Seminar “Religion and the Church as a Challenge to Modernity: Germany and Ukraine” (May 29 – June 4, 2012) has just come an end. It was jointly organized by Muenster University, St. Clement’s Center “Communion and Dialogue of Cultures,” the European Humanities Research Center at the National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’ (NaUKMA) and St. Thomas Institute of Religious Studies.
The event was conceived first of all as an opportunity for an in-depth dialogue between Ukrainian and German participants. The students of the department of Catholic theology of Muenster University headed by Prof. Dr. Tomas Bremer and Prof Dr. Klaus Mueller met with a Ukrainian “combined team,” which represented Orthodox, Catholic and Greek-Catholic faiths and different institutions: Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary, St. Thomas Institute of Religious Studies, National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, as well as their teachers (Dr. Kostyantyn Sigov, Rev. Sylvestr Stoychev, Dr. Andriy Baumeister, Rev. Petro Balog OP, Rev. Wojciech Surówka OP). For the Ukrainian group, the coming of the German team became the evidence that theology and the questions of faith can be an important motivation for travelling in our life, no less important than a Euro-2012 soccer game.

With joy we inform that on Sunday, 6 May 2012, a friend of St. CLement's Center, Prof. Alexander Golitzin was ordained bishop and became Bishop of Toledo & the Bulgarian Diocese of the OCA.

In 2007 Prof. Golitzin took part in the Patristic Colloquy in Brancoveanu 2007 together with Constantin Sigov, the founder of St. Clement's Center.

Our congratulations! 

Among the participants of the Patristic Colloquy in the picture: Prof. Dr. Theresia Hainthaler, Prof. Dr. Ysabel de Andia,  Dr. Michel Stavrou, Rev. Basilius Grolimund, Rev. Mykola Makar (now - archimandrite Amvrosiy (Makar)), Dr. Constantin Sigov


 Bishop Alexander (Golitzin)













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