Friday, Feb. 17, Kostyantyn Sigov, the director of the research and publishing house “Dukh i Litera” (Spirit and Letter) visited His Beatitude Volodymyr, Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine, in the hospital, in which he is undergoing rehabilitation.

During the meeting Mr. Sigov handed His Beatitude a copy of the book by priest Anatoly Zhurakovsky We Are Saved By His Life, which was published with the blessing and preface of His Beatitude at the beginning of 2012.

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 Dear friends! 

With great joy we congratulate you on the wonder of the Nativity of Christ! Once again, by the grace of God we step into the cave as into the temple, and into the new year as onto the threshold of Kingdom.
In his book Inheriting Paradise. Meditations on Gardening Vigen Guroian writes:
Eastern icons of the Nativity picture the grotto in which the Child lies as a triangle of absolute darkness, signifying the night of sin into which the Sun brings His light. The innocent Child is the crucified Messiah who “descended on earth in order to save Adam, . . . and not finding him there, [went] into hell to look for him” (Byzantine Canticle for Holy Saturday, from the Lenten Triodion). . . In the wintertime of the year, when we least expect, someone invites us to enter verdant Paradise. There the rivers flow peacefully and nourish the earth constantly, swallows sail on a gentle breeze that always refreshes, and the earth yields abundant life in the light of the Sun Who never sets. He is the Gardener Who wears a laurel wreath jeweled with the sweetest fruit and scented flowers; His wreath encircles the whole earth.
We wish you to keep the verdant Paradise, brought by the Divine Infant, in your heart for the whole year!
With hope for the new fruits of friendship and cooperation in 2012,
With love in Christ
hegumen Filaret (Iegorov)
Vadym Zalevsky
Constantin Sigov
and the staff of St. Clement’s Centre “Communion and dialogue of cultures” and ”Dukh i Litera” (Spirit and Letter) Research and Publishing Association

"Mosaic "Nativity of Christ", XIV в.
(Holy Savior church from Chora monastery ensemble, Constantinople)
Music: Τη υπερμαχω - Byzantine hymn to Holy Godmother

Benedict XVI Affirms: Christmas Is a Christian Feast


VATICAN CITY, DEC. 16, 2011 ( The symbols of Christmas -- such as the tree and the crib -- point to the great mystery of the Incarnation and are important references, according to Benedict XVI. The Pope said this today as he received a delegation from Ukraine, the country which donated this year's main Christmas tree for St. Peter's Square.
The tree, a spruce from the Zakarpattia region, was lit up today. It is just over 100 feet tall and is decorated with 2,500 silver- and gold-colored ornaments.

The conference took place on December 7-8, 2011 in St. Thomas Institute of Religious Studies and St. Sophia Museum in Kyiv . It was dedicated to the memory of St. Clement of Rome. 

The conference included two round tables: "On the way to a renewed Christian identity in theology and life" (Dec. 7, Institute of St. Thomas) and "Ethos of Friendship: Testimonies and Ways of Understanting" (St. Sophia Museum), as well as the presentation of the book by father Thierry de Roucy "Christmas. A Mystery."

Especially worth seeing are the pictures of Yulia Bozhych (Kharkiv) taken during the guided tour to St. Sophia cathedral.  

Photos by: Vyacheslav Gorshkov, Yulia Bozhych, Natalia Bezborodova. 

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