Dear friends!

We, the colleagues of St. Clement's Center: communion and dialogue of cultures, from the bottom of our hearts congratulate you on what is the most joyful feast of the Nativity of Christ!

During the Christmas period we generally tend to see the world simply and joyfully.

 The Nativity. Mosaic from Monastery Church, Hosios Loukas, Greece, 11th  c.

 In these days, according to Saint Ephrem the Syrian, “The children cried out, ‘Blessed He that hath become unto us a Brother, and Companion in the midst of the streets. Blessed be the day which by the branches giveth glory to the Tree of life, that made His Majesty be brought low, to our childish age!” (sixth hymn on the Nativity)This is the feast of childhoodthat particular state of mind, which is inherent to both children and adults, when everything is renewed.

In renewing the world, Christ sought to associate Himself with human childhood: “He came forth and sucked milk as a child, and among little children the Son of the Lord of all crept about. They saw Him as a little Child in the street, while there was dwelling in Him the Love of all. Visible children surrounded Him in the street; in secret Angels surrounded Him in fear. Cheerful was He with the little ones as a child; awful was He with the Angels as a Commander” (third hymn on the Nativity).
In these heart warming days we hope that your hearts and minds experience renewal, so that a joyous meeting with the Christ Child will inspire you to undertake new creative initiatives!
The forthcoming Assumption Reading’ conference will be dedicated to the theme of childhood, which is particularly  in-tune with the Christmas holiday. We invite you to think together about the exact way the topic should be presented and the range of problems that will be addressed at the conference. For now, we offer the following:
 Childhood in Christian Tradition and in Contemporary Culture.
 Awaiting your thoughts on the topic!
Yours in Christ,
Hegumen Filaret (Iegorov)
Vadym Zalevsky
Сonstantin Sigov
and the colleagues of St. Clement’s Center





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