Dear friends!

Wholeheartedly we congratulate you on the Feast of feasts –
Christ’s Resurrection from the dead!
Already here, on earth, Easter frees us from slavery and fear.
Easter gives us wise hope in our resurrection and eternal life.
Easter brings us perfect communion in Christ’s love.

Christ's Descent into Hell, a fresco from Cyprus.

This year, when Christians of the East and the West celebrate Easter together,
we would like to greet you with the words of a great saint of the Early Church,
​Irenaeus of Lyon:

God the Father was very merciful: He sent His creative Word, who in coming to
deliver us came to the very place and spot in which we had lost life, and brake
the bonds of our fetters. And His light appeared and made the darkness
of the prison disappear, and hallowed our birth and destroyed death,
loosing those same fetters in which we were enchained.

The demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching, 38

We thank you for your solidarity with us
and for your prayers during this difficult time!

With love in the Resurrected Lord,

the team of St. Clement’s Center “Communion and Dialogue of Cultures”

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