St. Clement's Center cordially greets our Catholic friends upon the election
of Pope Francis!

Francis in prayer. Mosaic by Fr. Marko I. Rupnik. SJ.

In his honour we post a parabel on St. Francis and the perfect joy:

On True and Perfect Joy

How St. Francis taught Brother Leo that perfect joy is only in the Cross.

One day at St. Mary, St. Francis called Brother Leo and said: "Brother Leo, write this down."

He answered: "I'm ready."

"Write what true joy is," he said. "A messenger comes and says that all the masters of theology in Paris have joined the Order -- write: that is not true joy. Or all the prelates beyond the mountain -- archbishops and bishops, or the King of France and the King of England -- write: that is not true joy. Or that my friars have gone to the unbelievers and have converted all of them to the faith; or that I have so much grace from God that I heal the sick and I perform many miracles. I tell you that true joy is not in all those things."

"But what is true joy?"

"I am returning from Perugia and I am coming here at night, in the dark. It is winter time and wet and muddy and so cold that icicles form at the edges of my habit and keep striking my legs, and blood flows from such wounds. And I come to the gate, all covered with mud and cold and ice, and after I have knocked and called for a long time, a friar comes and asks: 'Who are you?' I answer: 'Brother Francis.' And he says 'Go away. This is not a decent time to be going about. You can't come in.'

"And when I insist again, he replies: 'Go away. You are a simple and uneducated fellow. From now on don't stay with us any more. We are so many and so important that we don't need you.'

"But I still stand at the gate and say: 'For the love of God, let me come in tonight.' And he answers: 'I won't. Go to the Crosiers' Place and ask there.'

"I tell you that if I kept patience and was not upset -- that is true joy and true virtue and the salvation of the soul."

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