Dear friends,

Christ is risen and hell is overthrown.

Christ is risen and demons have fallen.

Christ is risen and angels rejoice.

Christ is risen and life rules.

With these words St. John Chrysostom concludes his Catechetical homily for the Holy Easter. Year after year, these words bring us back to the very source of our faith.

We cordially greet you on the holy Resurrection of Christ, and we wish you always – in all the days of your life, in the moments of happiness and of grief, in holidays and in weekdays, in work and in leasure – to stay faithful to this fundamental Joy of the Ressurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

​​​Resurrection – Descent into Hell.
First half of the 17th c., Volyn region, Ukraine


Christ is Risen!

Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to the

"Tomos Agapis" 16th Kyiv Summer Theological University,

which will take place

in the village of Lyshnia in the vicinity of Kyiv

The topic of the University for this year will be


The annual “Tomos Agapis” Kyiv Summer Theological University, which was launched in 2003, represents alternative forms of ecumenical theological education for both clergy and lay men and women. It is named “Tomos Agapis” after the famous correspondence of Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenogores, which developed the chief ideas of the Unitatis Redintegratio Decree on Ecumenism.

The first University took place in 2003 in Holy Assumption Kyiv Monastery of Caves (Holy Assumption Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra). Then most of the professors and students were primarily from Ukraine, with an exception of a few lecturers from Moscow.

Dear friends,

We wholeheartedly congratulate you
on St. Clement’s Day!

On the feast day of St Clement of Rome we want to share our joy with you. This year St Clement showed himself in a new way to us thanks to an unexpected present – the icon, which a boy named Vanya painted on glass and presented to our Centre.

t is with profound gratitude to God and to those who made my participation possible, that I reflect on the Assumption Readings conference in Kyiv in 2017. My own participation was providentially prepared for by my contact with Lidiya Lozova of the St. Clement Center in the Rome conference Toward an Integral Feminine Theology. I am deeply indebted to Constantin Sigov and the organizational committee of Assumption Readings for extending to me the formal invitation to be part of this life-changing event.

Les Uspenskie Chtenia de 2017 n’ont pas failli à leur réputation ni à la tradition.

Elles ont en effet rassemblé pendant quatre jours autour de Constantin Sigov et de l’équipe des éditions Duh i litera une trentaine de participants venus des quatre coins de l’Europe (Italie, Belgique, Pologne, France, Russie, Allemagne, Lettonie et Estonie) et même des Etats-Unis pour aborder, avec leurs interlocuteurs de Kiev, Lviv et Kharkiv et à la lumière des grandes traditions de la chrétienté, les trois grands thèmes proposés cette année, à savoir : Liberté, Autorité et Responsabilité. Les débats se sont tenus successivement à la Maison du Métropolite près l’église Sainte-Sophie, au Centre dominicain Saint-Thomas et à l’Université Mohyla. Les travaux de cette conférence seront publiés en ukrainien et en russe.

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